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Théâtre L'écoutille - arts du geste et du masque - spectacles, ateliers, stages de théâtre Toulouse - Midi-Pyrénées




                  La Compagnie Théâtre L'écoutille travaille à la création de spectacles en salle ainsi que des créations pour l'espace public, les musées et sites patrimoniaux.



 " Plumes d'Elle "


                Recréation 2020, solo performance-spectacle déambulatoire en intérieur


 " Graines de couleurs "

                Création 2020, en déambulation ou en fixe, arts de la rue



 " On the road again... entre Ciel et Terre "    en savoir plus


Création 2019, en salle, sous chapiteau ou dans l'espace public


 " Métallescences " en savoir plus

    de l'oubli à la mémoire industrielle

recréation 2016, tout public, 35mn, spectacle en intérieur-extérieur



  " Être (s)" en savoir plus                                          

           Création 2015, tout public, 45mn, spectacle en salle au Festival Marionnettissimo 2015




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The Creations 2015




           " Être (s) " "Being (s)"


                           (Audiences everyone from 12, 45 minutes, indoor show)


                 "Being (s)" is a sensory journey on the relationship to oneself, to the other and to his own physical memory.

                 Between plural and singular, East and the West, "Being (s)" is on the border of different influences wherein the pure gesture, the material and objet, the sound universe and the light, merge.


         In "Être (s)", "Being (s)", we see the evolution of one character who, to exist, has no other choice than to take off his masks and offer himself to life.


           This creation, "Being (s)" for an actress of the gesture and a musician relies on body language where corporal dramaturgy is developed in relation to the object (object- mask, hand puppet / body castelet, material or movement mere), all accompanied by live sound univers with bowl, gong Tibetans and piano.


         One extract of "Being (s)" was presented in 2014 at the Festival Marionnettissimo, in 2013 at the 10th International Mime and Physical Theatre in Puerto Rico, in 2012 in Paris at the Samovar in Montreuil under the Cartes Blanches data Théâtre du Mouvement and at the I.V.T. (International Visual Theatre).




 Distribution :

Dramaturgy, concept, performer, puppet : Anaïs André-Acquier

Piano, bowl, gong Tibetans : Cécile Chanu

Light : Jérôme Guilloux

Artistic accompaniment: Claire Heggen, Théâtre du Mouvement

Sound universe (piano) inspired CD -Mouvements Resonance (piano and gongs) Alain Kremski

Arrangements: Antoine Terny


 Supports :

- DRAC Midi-Pyrénées (Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Communication)

- Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées

- Régional Ministery of National Education

- Festival Marionnettissimo (international puppets festival)

- La Grainerie (international arts of circus and movement)

- L'Usinotopie (arts of puppets)

- Théâtre aux Mains Nues in Paris

- Lycées Stéphane Hessel

- City Hall Toulouse for it residence at the Théâtre Jules-Julien 2012




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The Creations, work in progress


              " Raw Materials " (work in progress)


Performance for theaters and public space

          After the performance "Matières Premières " created in the Museum of Saut du Tarn in Saint Juery from 2010 and 2013 (20 minutes), we prepare a performance on a reflection on industrial memory, past and present, human face the machine or the body itself becomes machine.

Tribute to these workers, these workers XIX to XXI century ...


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Shorts creations


"From sculptor ... au sculpteur" (2013-2014)


" From sculptor... to sculpture ", both short creations "creative thoughts" and "Presence carved" can be associated or disssociated and data on stage and in the public space.

          The company has been working for many years on the theme of the sculpture both in terms of the creation as the transmission especially around the works of the sculptor Emile-Antoine Bourdelle.



- " Creative Thoughts "

Creation 2013-2014, 10mn, indoor-outdoor

             Performance for 10 minutes with a mime and puppet. Show conceived, directed and performed by Anaïs André-Acquier, visual and gesture puppeteer.

            "Thoughts creative" is the act of the creator and sculptor facing its material or ambiguous reports animated and "anima" ...

            The difference in scale between the sculpture and the sculptor, the work is placed in its monumental aspect.

           The body-matter here becomes a place of experimentation where the creator doubt, questioning, trying to transcribe his thoughts and his actions giving way to see the conflict and tender that connects to his work, life and work which takes him escapes gradually ...



- " Carved Presences "

Creation in 2013, 20 minutes, indoor-outdoor

          Piece 20mn for mime. Show conceived, directed and performed by Anaïs André-Acquier, visual gesture.

          Sculpture fixed on its base, gradually wakes up from its long sleep ...

         It aimed at making visible the works of sculpture in motion, emphasizing its plastic with the help of materials and playing with attitudes.

        Sculpture reads as architecture, lines of force that unfold in space where registered as dreamed artist heroic body...

       "Giving idea of movement by the attitude, the attitude motion, the abstract concrete and abstract by the concrete: this is fun." Etienne Decroux

This performances was presented : Mimos 2014International Festival of Arts of Mime and gesture at Périgueux , European Night of Museums 2014 at the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse, at the opening night of the Journées Olympe de Gouge 2014 at Montauban, Festival of Sculpture at Montauban in 2013, Musée Abbal at Carbonne (31), at the 150th anniversary of Bourdelle at Musée Ingres (Cercle des Amis de Bourdelle (82)...


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Shorts creations for the event "This body memory" in 2013 (award Toulous'Up 2012, City Hall ofToulouse)


         Four short creations  (15 minutes) was created in 2013 by the Theatre L’écoutille company for the event "This body memory" in the museums in Toulouse (Award Toulous'Up 2012, City Hall of Toulouse), September-December 2013, Highlight of Planète Mime.

         For each of these creations, we sought to establish a relationship between the musical score of the instrument of the violin and the musicality of the gestural score with Sarah Baert-Labrousse (live violin) and Anaïs André-Acquier (gesture).



- « Manimal », or the beginning of all life 2013, 15 mn

Strange creature, half-animal, half-man, "Manimal" becomes mysterious living species. From this metamorphosis, ancestral reminiscence, "Manimal" expands to finally reveal the thinking animal, homo sapiens sapiens.

Representation given to Natural History  Museum in partnership with  the Festival La Novela, fête connaissance !  september 2013.



- « Spaces of body »

A body, a line, an empty space.

A movement.

A refined gesture model space.

The space builds itself and comes undone by the body lines.

The poetics of the body and space confront itself and confound.

Representation given to Southern Center for Architecture and the City, October 2013.



- « Of Bodies and souls » or the life of the object

History between a person and an object.

Two very different identities and yet...

From one to another, the object takes life and questions the one who animates him.

Moments shared between an object and its manipulator.

Then, who will have the last word?

Representation given to Paul Dupuy Museum in partnership with the Marionnettissimo Festival, November 2013



- « Of the work of art in the feminine »

Model, muse, Madonna without forgetting her dark side, the woman has always intrigued and questioned the artists, in particular the painters.

What’s this body to the sensual forms , this delicate look, this reassuring but also devouring maternal tenderness, this bewitching charm...

Of the feminine to the work of art, of the work of art in the feminine.

Representation given to Museum of Augustins, December 2013.



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Creations in the public space (muséums...)



      "Feathers of angels ", travel in poetry gesture

              "Plumes d'anges ", voyage en poésie gestuelle


         This performance was designed and realised by Anaïs André-Acquier and created at the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse with the City Hall Toulouse decembre 2009.

         This performance was designed in three parts dealing with the figure of the angel, the human comedy and the world of dream they lead to.

       This performance offered the magical trip of a being of light in gesture and theatrical language.

         Playing with shadows, masks and materials, this performance showed the poetical world of celestial creatures and the human condition...


There was once a dream...


         One extract of "Feathers of angels " was presented in the 10th International Mime and Physical Theatre in Puerto Rico, in Paris in 2012, in Montauban...

This performance was presented in integrality in Limoux, Toulouse...


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Old creations in the public space (muséums...)


"Portraits without targets "

  "Portraits sans cibles"

         This ambulatory performance was designed and realised by Anaïs André-Acquier, Benoît Prunier and François Soulié. It was created on novembre 2009 at the Musée Ingres in Montauban with support of the City Hall Montauban and the local authorities (Conseil Général de Tarn-et-Garonne).


Five portraits, five sequences by three artists who strive to animate materials, shapes, characters...


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"Work of Art in movement"

         "L'oeuvre en mouvement"


         This ambulatory performance was designed and realised by Anaïs André-Acquier and created at the Musée Ingres in Montauban with the City Hall Montauban in april 2008.

          It aimed at making visible the works of art in motion, emphasizing its plastic with the help of materials and playing with attitudes.





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